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Photo by:  Lucky Studios

Photo by: Lucky Studios

My name is Chiantelle.

I am a Vancouver wedding coordinator and event planner who loves fostering community. I implement as many eco-sustainable practices as I can while keeping affordability and high quality standards in mind.


Everyone has a story and with every event and wedding, I make sure that yours is captured and highlighted from start to finish.

Growing up I’ve always had the ambition of having three career paths: an event planner (especially for weddings), a paediatrician, and a pastry chef. As I reflect back on my life so far, it’s safe to say that each one is being fulfilled in its own variation. What can I say? I'm multi-passionate.

I’ve always loved to organize, colour code, and label anything and everything. Ask my family and family friends and they’d tell you the same thing. It was when I watched The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez that sparked the possibility of even becoming an event planner at the age of 10. Cliché but very true! The first 5 minutes of the movie drew me in from her emergency wedding kit and headset gear to the way she organized and executed the wedding day even with a few hiccups that came her way. Absolutely love that movie! If you haven’t watched it yet and are looking for a good classic rom-com, go watch it!

Since then, I’ve been drawn to learning and exploring more about design and organization. I started to help out in the planning and coordination process for birthday parties and anniversaries. I also became the MC/event host for special events and volunteered for a variety of community outreaches and fundraisers. After more than 10 years and with the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I decided to take the leap in making one of my passion projects official. In Autumn of 2017, I became a certified wedding coordinator through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and in early 2018, I launched Chiantelle Nicole Events and Weddings


Each and every one of us has a story and a purpose.


I love being able to take what people are excited about, whether that be their own love story or a social or environmental cause, and helping bring it to life so that it can be shared. This can be done through intimate gatherings or through enormous celebrations catering to your unique vision. In each special event, we start by collaborating with as many local companies as possible and implement sustainable practices as best as we can. This ensures that your special event is both affordable and mindful of our carbon footprint contribution without sacrificing high quality standards.

Photo by:  Lucky Studios

Photo by: Lucky Studios

If you’d like to know more about my services, you can click on service that best suit your needs.

You can also book a discovery call to see how we can work together or to simply say hello back.


When I’m not planning, hosting or coordinating events and weddings,


you can find me spending time with my family and friends. I love to travel and to learn more about the world around me so you’d most likely find me exploring new neighbourhoods in and out of Vancouver. If you're on Instagram, most of my adventures are documented at @chiantelle

One of my other passions is food. I LOVE learning about nutrition and cooking! Food is without a doubt the next thing I can talk non-stop about. More of my food adventures can be found on Chia's Eats


Thank you for your time and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Chiantelle Nicole